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ENSA has built itself against the background of commitment to our environment. At the very core of our offers of oil, chemical and acid clean-up, as well as soil bio-remediation, is a sense of responsibility procuring a more sustainable future for the environment.

We specialise in the cleaning of hydrocarbon spills in South Africa with innovative solutions that have been developed for over a decade to mitigate the negative impact of industrial and commercial activities, particularly on soil, and the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

This ensures sustainability for the future, empowering businesses to do their part to protect the environment with sustainable solutions for remediating contaminated soil across multiple sectors. In addition to this, we specialise in the removal of asbestos, producing working and living environments that are less destructive to personnel and the environment.

To mitigate the need for various soil clean-up tasks, we also offer comprehensive removal and transport of contaminated soil to a safe disposal facility, from where it can be effectively treated or incinerated.Our major focus is on the reduction of the risks associated with hydrocarbon contamination in as efficient and cost-effective a manner as possible.



We are accredited with numerous governing bodies and agencies, ensuring compliance, fair business, and a commitment to our clients.

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