ENSA Environmental

Welcome To ENSA Environmental SA

ENSA Environmental provides hazardous spill solutions including spillage containment, cleaners & degreasers and spill kits. ENSA has a solution or product to resolve almost any problem involving hazardous spills and associated clean ups.

About us

ENSA has been at the forefront of spill solutions since 2004 and is constantly looking at new technology to improve our environment. Read More

Our Services

ENSA specialises in the clean-up of oil, chemical, acid spills and the removal of asbestos products. Read More

What is Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring product that was mined for, up until 2002 in South Africa. It was used in many different product. Read More

Our Products

Our products are manufactured in South Africa, are environmentally friendly and are currently stock items at leading companies. Read More

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